Final Expense Leads – The Way To Grow Your Insurance Business

One of the best tips on selling Final Expense Leads is make sure you have plenty of them. Without them, you are dead in the water when it comes to selling Final Expense Insurance. Sure you can go door to door like what was done in the old days but having a fresh supply of leads makes things so much more enjoyable. Now if you are looking to get your exercise at the same time you are trying to earn a living, door knocking is the way to go.  Final Expense Telesales leads are expensive, right? They sure are and the norm in the industry can be $35-$45 per lead! Many of these leads may be weeks old by the time you get them and by the time you get them another agent may have already contacted the person before you even get your $25 lead…..OUCH! There are even cases when your supposedly fresh leads are months old not just weeks.

Another route to go is to buy aged final expense leads. These leads are months old and most likely have been worked by some other agent in the past. Aged leads may only cost you $10 per lead. These final expense leads may not be the freshest but you can definitely find sales out of them. Just because someone said “not interested” with someone else doesn’t mean their circumstances haven’t changed by the time you contact them. In our experience the more times you contact someone the likelier they are to buy. Today someone may say they are not interested but in 6 months they may have a spouse or relative die that gets them thinking about it again. So don’t disregard the value of aged leads. They are cheaper and in some cases as good as those expensive “A” leads.


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